Mum Tribe ♡ Love Vibe Support Group

In April 2018, I attended the most wonderful Nurture Retreat by Blossom and Berry, who trained me in baby massage and baby yoga, and who continues to mentor me in business and life! One of the activities we took part in, was to create a vision board – visual representations of all the things we wish to achieve or bring into our lives. This was a game changer for me.

One of my aspirations was to bring together a “girl gang” – like minded, loving, caring, high vibe mums with a common mission. To support other parents and babies in feeling connected and valued, seen and heard, as well as being friends as part of my own village.

During #mamakindness week – Blossom and Berry’s campaign to support new mums – I held a #LoveCreatesLove group in my home, a philosophy that underpins all that is Blossom and Berry’s training in supporting parents and their babies across the globe.

There was coffee, cake, and chat – I loved it, the mums loved it, and we all wanted more, and regularly. My idea of creating a Mum Tribe with a Love Vibe was born. A regular support group for Mums, and Dads to be their true selves, to share their journey without fear of judgement, to grow a village we can all benefit from. This included support for myself personally as a Mum and professionally as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor –  after years of working amongst amazing NHS colleagues, and truly valuing the importance of a supportive network, I felt the need to create my own team!

In just a few short months and as if by magic (thank you Universe), I have managed to gather some remarkable women with an array of qualifications, experiences and talents to help me with my Mum Tribe Love Vibe (MTLV) vision – I am incredibly lucky to know them and to call them my friends.  Mum Tribe ♡ Love Vibe are a collective of Colchester mums in business, who have gathered together to share the LOVE.

We aim to support local mums, dads and babies to feel supported and connected by offering open get togethers to talk all things baby and all things mum-life in this amazing but mad, busy world of motherhood, fatherhood, parenthood. We will be offering monthly support groups with our MTLV team of health and wellbeing professionals, tasters of services we offer locally, as well as guest speakers to offer informal and friendly advice, support, and chat.

All of the parents who enrol in my workshops and/or one to ones will be connected with the closed Mum Tribe ♡ Love Vibe Facebook support group so that they can connect and meet with other local parents privately.  Follow our Mum Tribe Love Vibe Facebook Page or Instagram for more details.

"Connection. Energy that exist between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued" - Brene Brown