Paediatric Occupational Therapy Consultation ♡

Skype/Telephone Consultation with Channel Mum Paediatric Occupational Therapy Expert ♡

£50 for 30 minute Consultation

As Channel Mum Occupational Therapist, as well as guest expert for a number of online parenting academies, I have had lots of parents contacting me for further advice and guidance which is more tailor made towards their child’s difficulties.  For this reason I have introduced a consultation appointment which can be done over the telephone or via Skype. This is for general advice and guidance on child development and any sensory based concerns; I am unable to formally assess your child over the phone. Should I feel that your child requires further in person assessment or support I can advise you on the process, and signpost you to the relevant professionals.

Early intervention is key and so it is important if you have any concerns regarding your baby or child’s development, that these be raised with a health professional as early as possible.  Often parents may be concerned about delayed milestones or behaviours relating to sensory overwhelm; there are large windows in which milestones are achieved and many reasons children behave in certain ways, sometimes as a parent it helps to get some reassurance and guidance, which is what I am offering through this new service.

“It is the activities that we engage in on a day to day basis that make us who we are” – Shoshana Shear